Thermos Roho 24-Ounce Hydration Bottle 2-Pack

i want six but not my money


Bought these when they came up on woot.

They are nice, the only problem is they sweat a lot with cold liquids and don’t keep stuff cold very long.

I JUST got some of these a few weeks back from WOOT and they are AWESOME! Very sturdy, they don’t make the water taste weird, and they don’t leak!

Bring me back a Raser! I want that mouse! I was sleeping when the last one came on!!!

LOL I just heard a wootalyzer alarm go off and it wasn’t mine! I love LA!!

I JUST noticed that the Woot-Off lights are different.

Bought these last time they were on Woot. LOVE them. Although they aren’t insulated, the flip-top lid is a vast improvement on traditional screw-top water bottle lids.

Only single wall – maybe a Thermos by name but not a thermos by definition:

Noun: A container that keeps a drink or other fluid hot or cold by means of a double wall enclosing a vacuum.

I got these a few weeks ago, love them! In fact, I am using one right now at my office.

THAT is awesome.

i have really nice insuluated camelback waterbottles my mom found on the cheap they keep stuff cold super long

Just got these a few weeks ago from Woot and I LOVE them.

Still has the white box background though… should just be transparent for posting on other forum backgrounds imo.

I have the death adder… It’s excellent, very much.

FYI, the lids to these suck. they dont go back far enough, so they are right in your face when u take a drink.
the wife bought some of these at target or something. hate em.

Remember to keep hydrated during a woot off or you may miss that which you want most.

I got a pair of these when they were up for a whole day recently, and I really love them. Sooooo much better than the previous bottles I got from Woot. The cap is pretty great, in particular. Highly recommended.

Did anyone get this last woot? How are they?