Thermos Style Stainless Steel Bottle with Flip Top and Straw – 2 Pack

These things again?

more like buy 1 for 500 but we make you buy 2 for 10 and free shipping and a penny back

Oh yippee, more water bottles. I tried filling mine with Permafrost…they don’t hold up to well with that.

hey yahoo just advertised woot for free lol looks like there will be more noobs this wootoff

Word to the wise: Do not to stick your tounge in there.

Dishwasher safe?

stick in a frog and bury it IN the permafrost and in 5000yrs it will still be fresh;-)

I bought a set of these when they were on before and they leak. They leak so much I don’t use them.

Maybe you’re not doing it right? :slight_smile:

I hope they don’t leak because I just bought them :confused:

I hope so too. I don’t use these though, because I cannot get past the metallic taste.

Did I miss the carp while I was in dream land?

Is it compatible with MAC?

not doing it right

I have a few unanswered questions, any help sussing this out is appreciated. Are they double-walled or single-walled? If double walled are they insulated in any way (vacuum, foam, or air-space)? Do the ones you have leak from where the cap is screwed on (poor thread/sealing surface design which could be an easy fix) or do they leak from the spout/straw (which could be difficult to fix)?


Is it just me, or have the Woots been a little less than exciting lately?

I bought these from a while back. They are junk, and went in the trash.

But, I hope you buy 3…

I would have replied earlier, but I had fallen asleep during the woot off.

Was gonna buy but these reviews said no.