I guess in this universe, the Kindle and iPad killed the dinosaurs.


Is “Rawr!” really a synonym for “I love you” in dinosaur?? I’ll have to ask him to find out!


That looks more like a pterodictionary to me.


I must say the pipe is a nice touch. Good job!

Remember, kids: flying dinosaurs are cool, but flying dinosaurs who smoke are not.


You know… That pterodactyl looks kind of similar to my dad.


This is the second-most scholarly dinosaur, after the MIT-Rex.


shouldn’t it be pthesaurus?


Who needs claws when paper is just as sharp? OH, GOD! SOMEONE GET ME A BAND-AID!


Reminds me of the butterflies in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’


You’ll report back after you talk to this dinosaur?

//steps back from the delusional wooter


cute…like the spotting on the letters, would have been nice if skin color matched.


According to Arthur, Thesaurus’ resemble T-Rexes with PHD’s.


Stop flapping, I have to look something up!


How appropriate, especially since everything can be read electonically these days…though I prefer to curl up with a real book (dinosaur or not) rather then an electronic device…


What’s another word for thesaurus?


When I was a kid, I always pictured a Thesaurus as a dinosaur. I thought I was crazy, until I saw this shirt. Wait… maybe I am still crazy?


What about the saurus?


That’s cute how they made the theSAURUS look like a dinosaur. I’m afraid to see what they do with a DICtionary.


you see, way back when I was a kid in pre-historic times we used to have things called books that you could read, & that’s what this is based on.