#TheSelfie Camera Remote Shutter

Or you could just use the volume control on the headphones that came with your iPhone.


But this is way cooler and not everyone has a cool iPhone.

Wikipedia says it’s controversial.

Harvard and William & Mary both claim to be the oldest university.

Does it bother anyone else that in all of the product photos the photo on the screen shows them looking at something other than the camera that they are using?

Usually things like that slip by me, but it bothers me that the Selfie doesn’t really appear to be a Selfie.

i dont understand the purpose of this. you’re holding your camera with one hand, you hit the button with your thumb. simple, no?

The point is that you’ll have it and be the envy of all your friends that dont! Commercialism… It’s the American way! And other parts of world too…

Seriously though, I’m with you… WHY?! And this will only put a seemingly random cable in your picture that’ll just confuse people and take the attention off you. I don’t get the point at all, but I’m old and don’t understand the point of the selfie obsession in the first place.

Damn, never even thought of that. Thanks!

My first thought was to use it to make stop motion animation but then someone here said the ear buds would do the same thing so I just saved $13 I think.

Those of us with the cool android phones can get one of the dozens of android camera apps that respond to voice. My camera takes a picture when you say “cheese.” Not only would it make selfies a breeze (if I were 16 and not 30), but taking pictures of kids is super easy because the camera handles the timing. It also means I can prop the phone on a table and take a distance shot, group shot, whatever. It even works with the special camera modes, so saying “cheese” will take action shots, burst shots, etc.

Yes. Seems like a solution in search of a problem.

Well, with all of this ‘recycling’ nonsense of late, all the landfills are getting dangerously low. Products like this serve the essential function of landfill replenishment.

these only work with the iphone.

The actual product name starts with a hashtag? If it didn’t already seem useless, I’d be in for none based on that alone.

My order came already, and the selfie is an awesome, simple little gadget. I’ll be using it a lot. Thanks woot!