They are Watching!

I’ve long known about the various ways that retailers and others track my online gadabouts, but this past couple of weeks, really??? Yes, I’m looking for a new dining room set. WHY does every Website I hit bombard me with dining furniture ads? O. Em. Gee. It’s gotten to the point I can’t get online casually - not shopping - without being hit with ads for just those things I’ve been thinking about. Creepy. Totally creepy. Time to purge my cache, no? And yet - will that help? My phone knows where I am within about 50 feet. Why not my laptop? Argghhh! I’m feeling all X-files, and not happy about it.

Yes, Winston; we are watching you.

If you used Google to search for anything, then the google ads on just about every site will know and “target” you. Clear cookies and sign out of gmail.