They Beat the Same

Looks like a care bear to me

disappointed. but not surprised.

That’s a squid, not an octopus. And the plural of octopus is “octopuses”, if you wanna get semantic. :wink:

Pretty sure that’s a clockwork heart for the Tin Man, or actually, didn’t the Wizard give him a watch shaped like a heart?

Grats. I have a feeling this one will take off like “The Binge” GL.

What about organisms with no hearts? I would have loved to see a lowly platyhelminthes on there!

Did the second guy on he bottom get rejected by his Valentine? Must have been hard; looks like someone had to stitch his heart back together.

I always thought care bear, but I can see an ewok there now, too.

Who’s the first guy, just a human. Should’ve been doctor who. He’s got two hearts.

Look it’s so easy even a caveman can do it!

I say ewoks are just as huggable.

In for one. Love it.

In for one. I might be the only person who actually likes heather gray, and I haven’t bought a heather gray shirt here yet. Clever design that I think will hold up well on a shirt.

They won’t beat the same if the Tin Man starts swinging that axe!

Actually. It’s octopodes.

I thought it was octopi.

The Grinch must be pre Cindy Lou Who

The tin man in the wizard of oz got a heart with a clock on it for … something.

I like some of the individually. The tin man, the grinch, the care bear (took me a sec to figure that, and most of all Link.

I think if it just had Link on it I’d buy it. Will probably pass.

Actually, you both are right in regards to the pluralization of octopus.

oc·to·pus (ŏk’tə-pəs)
n. pl. oc·to·pus·es or oc·to·pi (-pī’)

I would have had soooooo hard of a time not buying this shirt if it had the Doctor reference, but Who would the artist have picked?