They grow up so fast

There go all the butterflies on the other side of the earth…

The truth behind the Bermuda Triangle.

I was fairly certain that was a paper airplane in the back to the right. Upon further review, it seems to be a sailboat, which makes a lot more sense.

Am I supposed to be delighted by the innocence of childhood or appalled by the horrific loss of life caused by their frolicking? I’m so confused! D:>

So does this mean the Titanic sank due to a large Eskimo child?

I am not sensing the “large-ness” of the kids. Just seems to be small toy ships and planes.
Maybe if Godzilla was added…he would help the perspective.

Is that the plane from Lost?

so sad, but so true.

4th place in Derby #160: The End of the World, with 810 votes: When Happy Asian Children

Look out Japan!

May the Merry Yellow Rain Slickers of Doom never stomp through your airspace (or territorial waters).

That’s much too sweet. I hate that, sweet things. It make it harder to maintain my comfortable lofty cynicism.

I blame their parents.

Luckily, there isn’t enough oxygen that high up and they’ll probably suffocate within the hour. No need for nukes, people. Nothing to see here.

Is that the Lusitania? How about the Andrea Doria?

I was thinking the same thing. Science will take care of everything.

Oh, no… GOZIRRA!

Sadly, the resulting tidal wave will take out the rest of us.

My goal is to find that special someone who doesn’t see a ‘gentleman’ as someone who lays their jacket down on a rain puddle for her to walk through. My goal is to find that lady friend who will eagerly hop in a rain puddle with me, without hesitation-- and enjoy it.

Some day.