They’re Magically Delicious!



They’re always after me O- type blood!

March and rainbows will never be the same again : /

I never got the “needs salt” joke.

I would love to see how this shirt would go over if a little kid wore it to school lol

This will definitely stay on the charts for a while, what with St. Patrick’s day right around the corner! Congrats, Lucky!

oh…oh that’s not right.

Well… That’s morbidly cute

Marshmallow Powar! Activate!

Yay more EC’s!

What are the odds they pick something from the current derby? Slim I know… gimmie Drakxxx double feature! lol

And I thought they smelled bad… on the outside!

Hah! Reminds me of my current entry! :slight_smile:

St. Patrick’s Day? Just as planned.

I’m pretty sure unicorns don’t have opposable thumbs

It’d be interesting to see some bloody movies turn all their gruesome death scenes into rainbows and sparkles. I think the FCC would approve!

I knew it was a bad sign when the unicorn got a taste for rainbows. :frowning:

I always thought the “luck of the Irish” was good luck. Guess not.

Bodacious! More EC’s! How many EC shirts are there going to be? All week this week too?

Also, what do you think a leprechaun tastes like? I’d wager it’s whisky and potato.