They’re Watching

I can’t unsee their sad, little faces…


Is it fair to say that this was an underdog victory? Congrats, Dreadwood! A simple design, but definitely a clever premise.


(I’m so punny.)


this is polarizing & a bit shocking.

Hmmm I would prefer this one without the “Electrical Outlets” text at the top.

Being an electrician, how could I not buy this…

On the flip side, you can pretty easily shut em up…just plug in something! buh dum chhh

Oh yes! It’s ok for me to be happy about this, right. Whatever the electrical outlets are thinking. Right? 'Cause there’s at least one looking at me now…

All I want is to be left alone,
In my average home.


Stick a fork in it, its…ahhhh.

They do look surprised

of course they aren’t happy! try having that much juice running through you all the time! while being forced to watch everyone else who is doing JUST FINE.

The writeup is disturbing, in a good way.

Or good, in a disturbing way.

Arrgghh, I can’t think straight with all these motherplugging outlets watching me type.

Don’t tell me I’m paranoid! They’re watching me, I tell you. They’re always watching!

You think this is bad, just remember that clocks not only have faces, but hands as well!

First time ever buying the shirt.woot and bought two. Not sure if it’s the 4 shots of Patron I’ve had or that they’re super funny.

Ah come on, they just want a kiss! … with tongue.