They See Me Rollin’

♫ They see me rollin,
They hatin,
Trying to get my shell all dirty.
tryin to get my shell all dirty…♫

I wonder if there is a hidden pun here. See, he’s on a rock, then he rolls.

Rock and Roll?

How about we just rename it “Turtles.Woot” and be done with it?

The shirt name is a reference to Chamillionaire’s song, Ridin’

Watch up!

cute + of, course, so darn cheerful + inspiring : /

I’m offended. Thousands of turtles die every year from rolling on their backs. I think.

Because then the bunguins will have no where to woot.

Turder was gonna be my gang name! Back to the old drawing board. Maybe Murtle…

I have not laughed so hard at a woot shirt in a long time. It is funny on so many levels. Kudos to the artist.

The Turtles are so happy together.

I know about a dozen people who this shirt would be perfect on. I am one of them.

This shirt speaks the truth. Turtles love to flip off things and land upside down. Foolish yet entertaining.

Love the OchoCinco shout-out. Go Pats!!

That is sooo cute!

Awkward turtle!

Man, not good to be putting these up right after Christmas, guys. -looks at debris of wallet- I must have this…it’s just to ‘me’ to pass up. :smiley: Great character, Ochopika!!


While I did laugh heavily at the write-up, I also wanted to cry a little. T-Blade sounds exactly like how my little brother acts. He’s fifteen and he just thinks he’s the OG - that’s “Original Gangster” for you other OG’s: the “Old Grannies!” OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SNAP!

…I’m done.

As Peppy Hare would say, “Do a Barrel Roll!”