They told me my design was accepted and then never contacted me again.

I received an email congratulating me and telling me they wanted to sell my design. They asked that I email them back the file and then I’d receive a contact in the next few days. It’s 10 days later and I have received no further communication. I did send the file and a follow up email. What should i do? I’m feeling very disappointed. I was really excited about this opportunity.

Hang in there. It will come. Sometimes the responses take longer than other times. Congratulations on the offer.

Hello, Frontastic4 (excellent username, by the way!). And thanks, @jupilberry for weighing in. I’ll look into things this morning and make sure a contract gets sent out ASAP!

Hey Ben, as long as you are checking, I am still waiting for a D contract to sign and an answer about an artwork revision.

In my mind the longer it takes for them to get back to you about a design, the more they like your design. I know that sounds crazy, but thinking about the review process, getting all the brains of shirtwoot into one room to weigh in, decide which designs get which contract offers, it’s a lot.

I don’t know if that helps. Try to stay optimistic. Also, if Ben’s on it, it’ll get done. I mean, look at that smile :wink:

Is this your first print? They may have to send you some super-fun-tax forms, which’ll come from a whole other department.