Thin Red Lines Woot Info Post pwns woot

Thin Red Lines [henna] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Wednesday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * Asphalt Woot Tee

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Pretty cool, but not quite $10 cool enough for me.

If I get frustrated trying to recreate this design in my rock garden, is it still zen?

For all you Spirograph n00bs

Ah yes. Nanotechnology really is the way of the future.

Where’s the entrance to the maze?

I have to say, this shirt is dizzyingly detailed line work. I can’t really tell, mostly for lack of trying, if it’s all one line or not, I remember there was a derby for that once, have a shirt from it, but I digress. Boss shirt Boss.

it would be x10 cooler if more of the shirt was like that

Wow, this shirt is right up my alley.

Kids might seizure from this shirt when walking.


I dont get it

took a look at the big picture and much more awake now…or hypnotized…or – is there a planet paisley?

Nope, it’s asphalt.

I was about to post a clever comment, but then I got hypnotized by the design and lost consciousness for a few minutes.


Apocalyptic moon. I can dig it.

Nice. Very nice

I doubt it was ever conceived as a single, solid, continuous line, but I do suspect that this final product is unbroken.

All of a sudden I am lost in a paisley tie or so it seams.

cool. i’m in for one

shiny but dull red disco ball