Thing Fling, on the level ????


Is it coincidence that Thing Fling had a ‘M y s t e r y B o x’ sale and offered a bonus Box for 2 “lucky” people. They started off with 300 boxes @ 24 hrs long. After 6 hrs they were not selling well so they cut it down to 150 boxes. This making your odds of winning from 1:150 to 1:75! By the time had ended they sold only 70 boxes. This made the odds 1:35. A far cry from their original expectation of 300!
It just happens the winners that were “randomly” picked signed up within the last hour of it ending. None of the mass “flingers” that buy daily had won! Only a "newbie"everytime?!

You can make your own conclusion?


Sounds like the fix was in . . .


I find it funny that if I put ‘M y s t e r y B o x’ with out the spaces between, woot automaticaly changes it to ‘mystery box’! LMAO :stuck_out_tongue:


mystery box



Thing-Fling offers a Mystery Box


stick some tags around nothing inside the word to make it work… quote this to see what i mean:



could anyone pm me other sites that are fun and silly like woot?


PM Stl.


thanks buddy.

my thread hopping is done. y’all can come back now.


crappy deals are what you make of them… right?