Things I really like...


yep, balance is the nature of the universe

I love that I can track packages as they travel around the country!


I really love that I can see my son on the computer when he is overseas on business. Makes it seem like he isn’t so far away from us.


I love chocolate!


No, no. It’s CHOCOLATE!!


I enjoy Imax theater movies. Just saw spidey 3 last night.


I enjoy playing cards/board games with family and friends for an evening.


I like peng**uins.


ah, that is a good one.


I like that I can IM my son or use the intercom (Uniden phones from Woot) instead of yelling upstairs all the time.


I really like the smell in the wind right before the rain comes.
I really like my garden it’s beautiful but I really hate the time and work that has to go into it sometimes.
Uh oh, we need a thread for things we like and hate at the same time.


I like watching storms blow in and lightning.


I am really into things that smell great…I love the smell of an Apple Turnover coming out of the oven.


I like bread . . . fresh, warm, and soft.

I like rye and wheat and sourdough and pumpernickel and white and corn muffins and biscuits and . . . MMMMMmmmm . . . . breeeeeeeeaaaaaaaddd!


I love thunderbooomers!!!


I love lazy afternoons.


I really like when husband cooks for us. Steaks & White Corn coming off the grill now.


I like the subway series because there is nobody anywhere and I can just go to a restaurant and sit down without waiting! I bet the roads are empty too!


I like long naps.


I like sleeping with someone who doesn’t snore anymore.


He’s dead?!?!?!?!? :OMG: