Things that made me say Huh?????


Today I got mail that was mailed in Tx. It was addressed to go to Ohio. Somehow it was in my mailbox.
I’m not even on the way to Ohio from TX!



Was there a picture of a snail on it with his tongue sticking out and a little package on his back?


How about the zipcode? One digit off from yours? (Or maybe the Texas sender put your zip on it by mistake?)


Ms. Name,
Obviously Woot was mailing something to Ms. Tall4agirl and you got it by mistake!


There were 2 numbers the same in the zip. The post office in TX put my zip code when they put the bar code on.

But still, nothing in the name or address matched. What did they do when it got to the zip code they bar coded wrong? Just throw it in the bag and deliver it to anybody at all???


that’s about as easy as it gets.


OK, another thing that made me go huh? I was walking to get some Chinese food and some older boys were playing ball in their driveway.
They stopped playing so I could pass on the sidewalk.
They were playing cricket!
I’ve never seen anyone play cricket…maybe not enough kids know how to get up a game. I guess if you were born here, you don’t know how. If you move from India and you are older maybe you do. The kids didn’t have an accent.
Just odd.

So folks, if you see or hear something odd or funny, put it here!

I have pictures of the beach yesterday…once I download them I’ll post them.
It is friggin october! Even the water was the wrong color! It was summer blue, not the dark blue it should have been.


Don’t know if it qualifies… but I need posts. :slight_smile:

On the drive home tonight, I saw a guy leaning out his car door throwing up in the middle of the road. Made me go, “what the…” I mean, the bars aren’t even closed yet. :slight_smile:

Sorry for any mental images or anything.


Driving through the woods many years ago with dog and SO. Dog is in back seat and projectile vomits onto the dashboard/up the vents/on the floor. Car was sold before we had to turn on the heater in the fall. WTH was going through her mind to make her do that!


at the beginning of the semester you see lots of things that make you go … Huh?

one of these events occurred when I was walking down the hill to go back home. A car goes by with two girls on rollerblades hanging onto the back.

I thought they were quite stupid.


Was the car going up hill or down hill. It is all about the details!


Wow. Most dogs think like 3 or 4 year old boys. You had an advanced doggie, he was a college boy!


This was yesterday. Oct 21. On long island.

Watersking. In october. That boat shouldn’t even be in the water in Oct!


sometimes my smartpost, er, SnailPost Snail gets confused. He doesn’t really have that many neurons- his packages kind of take a drunkard’s walk before arriving where they belong.


It might make sense if it were a woot package. This was just a letter from someone with bad handwriting in Austin.


Lo L!!
Anyone we know?


An errant bundle of thank you notes?


No, but what were the odds of getting mail from Austin to Ohio?


In your case, they’re apparently 1:1.


yeah, weird, eh?
insert Twilight Zone music here