Things That Smell Nice

Okay, my wife would kill me for spending that kind of money on perfume neither of us had smelled but, I was curious enough to poke around online… I think the Emerald and Sapphire ones are mislabled, Raymon Molvizar does the Goldskin ones but it looks like some company (or “Designer” whatever) named Cuarzo Signature does the other ones.

Thanks for the info. I’ll send it in for checking.

UPDATE: Should be fixed in just a bit. Thanks again!

Shouldn’t that earn him a free bottle? :wink:

It would seem that Woot is in need of a proofreader…

That car diffuser should read “anti TOBACCO”…

Not sure how the Flo Celebrity LED Mirror qualifies as one of the “Things That Smell Nice,” unless it is supposed to refer to the person looking into the mirror. But that would depend on the person…

Are the bath salts safe for human consumption? If I snort them will I strip naked and eat my neighbors face? (I already hate that guy)

I actually have tried Molvizar scents and wouldn’t mind getting Goldskin but I could get it for much less on Online Shopping - Bedding, Furniture, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing & more And the atomizers go on sale for much less than the price here fairly often on other sites. I’ve even seen Travalos, the brand Flo knocked-off, for less at CVS. Back in the day, woot had some great prices. Wha’ happened?

Me: “Hmm… those look nifty. I may have to get some just for the awesome bottle… clicks through to the products page …aaaand maybe not. Dayum.”

Still not fixed, FYI.

Yep, sure 'nuff. I’ll send it in again.

So are there refills available? I am really happy with my large collection of Diffusers, and I know it only takes one to fill my home with aroma, but I like putting different scents in each room and let them blend together at some point. I get alot of compliments with the mixed fragrances.