Things Which Are Dyson

What tools are included with the DC39?

It comes with the trigger-head floor tool.

I’m not avin’ it!

The DC44 is great for sucking up spiders and roaches. Got the power to do the job right. Don’t use the motor head though.

Sometimes I think there is some random Quantum connection between Woot and my local Goodwill stores.

As part of my Friday on-the-way-home stop at two GW stores to look at weird donated stuff, one had a Dyson vac (about to be bought, couldn’t see the price) and the other had a used Roomba (in box $49.95)!

No doubt both were older models and certainly had parts missing or a worn battery, so I doubt if they were worth it by the time you got them to working order.

But now I think of GW as “Woot Purgatory,” filled with singing fish, bread bakers and George Foreman grill knock-offs.

TT: Maybe once in a while Woot SHOULD have a real “Woot Purgatory” where broken, incomplete, and highly suspect items are sold cheap!

Seriously. This could raise some major cheddar. People will shell out a lot of a literal bag of crap (crap not being literal, as I think it is probably illegal to sell actual bags of poop) but bags of broken, unrelated items. Folks would fall all over themselves to boast that they got the crappiest bag ever.

What really makes me hate Dysons is that they recently came out with the Cinetic vacuums, saying that with their new filter less tech, there’s no loss of suction. They’ve been saying that for years even when THEIR vacs had filters, so they HAD to be bold faced liars for all of those years when they had filters!

“TT: Maybe once in a while Woot SHOULD have a real “Woot Purgatory” where broken, incomplete, and highly suspect items are sold cheap!”

Hey,not boasting, but I was once the “promotions manager” for the most profitable radio station in the USA. I kinda get a gut feeling when about stuff that works. Ask me about my (15 minutes of) world-wide fame for creating “Kitty Kondoms.”

Hey, the Nordic Track was “best exercise machine ever” until sales lagged, then there was a new, improved Nordic product totally unlike the original. It’s the American way!!

I smell a partnership here. They don’t call me the Flash Marketing Genius of the Greater Elizabeth New Jersey Region for no good reason!

All companies do this. Duracell, enigizer, tide, etc, etc, etc, etc. It is infuriating, but they word things ‘just so…’

As for Dyson, I have always thought their products were just over priced. But I’m not a convert. Having recently purchased the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy. And while I payed far below retail for it, I can honestly say that even if I could only get it at retail, I would do it again.

The funny thing is that the Woot Purgatory stuff I would get and did not need would go to Goodwill. A nice cycle for the inspiration. Go for it Woot. If purgatory is to offensive, you could use the Bardo Plane, where Tibetan Buddhists hang out before they come back again. Not as catchy though!

Anybody ever wonder how they can IMPROVE products so much that their old stuff just won’t do any more. I’m taking to you “whitening toothpaste”!!!

Dyson is voluntarily recalling the AM05 hot/cold fans made before April 1, 2014. Are the fans sold here a part of that recall or have they been repaired (condition is refurbished)?