Things With A Plug

Would the blender also work as an aquarium?

Only until you turn it on.

Anyone have experience with the Haan Steam Mop that they’d care to share?

Yes, used it to remove wallpaper = easy & fast! Works great on several types of tile. You will need to replace or dry the pad about every 60-90 min when it gets soaked.

Thanks, debbem!

I bought one less than a year ago and about two months ago it quit steaming. Calling into customer service got me the recommendation to fill the water chamber with ice cold water, which still did not cause my machine to produce steam. They have a year warranty, so if I was not too lazy, I could pack it up and send it back to Haan for a replacement, but I just couldn’t motivate myself. I did read a lot of reviews on Amazon and it happens alot with steamers, not just the Haan. I would actually buy this again for $49, even if it only works a year, it does work well!

Woot, you had a very easy theme on this sale. There should be tons of things with plugs, but you still had to add a chandelier that clearly states “Hardwire fixture”.
No plug. Would look terrible with a plug.

Come on! You can do better!