Think Jerky, 12 pack

Think Jerky, 12 pack

i was thinking about getting this until I thought about it for to long contemplating the over an easy $2 an ounce price im better off buying actual…steak.


wow OMG thank you!!! This is definitely useful information :roll_eyes:

not really a fair comparison, jerky is always expensive by weight compared to raw meat.

I got this in a previous sale. It was fine… unexceptional. Wouldn’t buy again.

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Must not be worth the bucks if you ask me. I like jerky just as much as any other jerky lover. Although, normal dry spicy stuff is just fine for me since it takes longer to eat since its so spicy hot and tuff it seems to last longer but usually doesn’t like paying over $1 an oz from outlet store or even any retailer. That said i can’t justify paying so much just for a dried meat snack no way not today.