THINKCAR ThinkScan 609 OBD2 Scan Tool

THINKCAR ThinkScan 609 OBD2 Scan Tool

Are there annual fees?

I quote from the description: “Lifetime Free Updates.”

$210 at homedepot with store pickup

I bought a Bluedriver dongle for $90 that works with my android phone. It seems to have the same functions as the woot, I drive an 09 and Bluedriver seems to capture all the data available.

I have the BlueDriver too. It’s very good for reading codes but doesn’t have these reset functions. It can clear codes but won’t do a TPMS or EPB reset.

I’m a sucker for OBDII scanners and this price is right. In for 1. Thanks, Woot!

I purchased the Bluedriver for $72 (purchased 2018 lightning sale) - still way over priced… Used a lot originally comparing - I can’t speak to any updates that may have made it better as I haven’t used much in past year and a half - only a couple times to reset a TPMS Also - I think it’s supposed work better (than say the trash it is with my nissans, fords, and hyundais) with some brands (chevy?) which I don’t have.
Plus - doesn’t overheat as much as the generic ELM ones -
Minus - it provides the least info of any I’ve tried.
best of the lot of under or just above $100 I’ve tried so far is Ancel BD310 - most info easiest to deal with and fastest most reliable running tests and communicating – much faster than bluedriver ($39 lightning sale.)

I just purchased this - curious as to the info it will provide.
wondering how this compares to the also for sale thinkdiag - subscriptions are ridiculous in general for obd2 - maybe that is so professional it’s worth it? I don’t know I’m a hobbiest.

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