THINKCAR ThinkScan 609 OBD2 Scan Tool

THINKCAR ThinkScan 609 OBD2 Scan Tool

Are there annual fees?

I quote from the description: “Lifetime Free Updates.”

$210 at homedepot with store pickup

I bought a Bluedriver dongle for $90 that works with my android phone. It seems to have the same functions as the woot, I drive an 09 and Bluedriver seems to capture all the data available.

I have the BlueDriver too. It’s very good for reading codes but doesn’t have these reset functions. It can clear codes but won’t do a TPMS or EPB reset.

I’m a sucker for OBDII scanners and this price is right. In for 1. Thanks, Woot!

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I purchased the Bluedriver for $72 (purchased 2018 lightning sale) - still way over priced… Used a lot originally comparing - I can’t speak to any updates that may have made it better as I haven’t used much in past year and a half - only a couple times to reset a TPMS Also - I think it’s supposed work better (than say the trash it is with my nissans, fords, and hyundais) with some brands (chevy?) which I don’t have.
Plus - doesn’t overheat as much as the generic ELM ones -
Minus - it provides the least info of any I’ve tried.
best of the lot of under or just above $100 I’ve tried so far is Ancel BD310 - most info easiest to deal with and fastest most reliable running tests and communicating – much faster than bluedriver ($39 lightning sale.)

I just purchased this - curious as to the info it will provide.
wondering how this compares to the also for sale thinkdiag - subscriptions are ridiculous in general for obd2 - maybe that is so professional it’s worth it? I don’t know I’m a hobbiest.

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Of course that’s true if you can get the update tool to actually work. Or get support from ThinkCar.

Mine was delivered today. Neither the update tool nor the support actually works for this tool. And it looks like they’re using software from LAUNCH.

just received mine today, and it updated just fine.

Interesting… I reached out to Thinkcar support and they asked me for my serial number. Then they asked me for a pic of my serial number. Then they quit responding.

They use a shared web service (looks like LAUNCH and maybe Foxwell) for registration. It appears that they store the serial numbers and registration information and check that when you update. If it’s not registered it will prompt you for your info. In my case it appears to be flagged differently as it states, “Product Unsold!”.

It won’t even update via USB to the tool as it gets a serial port initialization error. I suspect that’s because of their virtual COM port driver on Windows 10. The USB stick and the MicroSD card combo was the only way to get past the serial port issue.

I haven’t tried a Windows 7 computer yet but it’s clear to me there’s an issue with a batch of serial numbers.

UPDATE:. Despite getting no additional response from ThinkCar, I tried the exact same thing again today and the response was “device is not registered”. Tried the update again and it worked. Of course it also appears that there were no updates (local and latest versions were the same).

I entered my serial number but it wants a register code. Where do I find a register code?

This may help.