Thinking Putty, Amethyst Blush, 3.2 oz

Thinking Putty, Amethyst Blush, 3.2 oz

And Woot sent 0.47 oz tins, instead of the 3.2 oz tins they were supposed to…

Contact support. Clearance stuff is Amazon excess so it’s likely the wrong stuff was in the Amazon description. Our CS people will be able to help.

Woot = Amazon’s clearing house confirmed?

We’ve always been entirely transparent about the items in Clearance. Those are mostly sourced from Amazon excess inventory. The majority of the rest of the site is sourced by our vendor managers from a wide selection of vendor partners. They work really hard to build those relationships and work to negotiate deals for the site. I’d hate for anyone to diminish their hard work!

So when it’s fulfilled by Amazon, that means it’s excess inventory (like today’s projector)?

Also explains why preggoland is listed on your store since forever.

Not always, no. We frequently purchase bulk inventory and have it shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers using Fulfilllment By Amazon for shipping. I’m not on the work network so I can’t see whether the projector was sourced from Amazon or another vendor. But most of the stuff in the bottom section of Clearance is excess from Amazon.

WARNING: I bought two containers of these and they sent me two 0.47oz containers, which had “mini” on their covers. The product is advertised as 3.2 oz containers without “mini” on the containers cover. The shipping receipt also states that it is 4", but it’s not as you can see from the photos.
I contacted customer support and am waiting for a response.

Same here. Customer Support is great, and took care of it immediately.

Mine also had obviously gotten really hot at some point cause it had all melted into one single-color glob, not the two colors shown on the label.