ThinkPad Edge 14" Dual-Core i5 Laptop



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ThinkPad Edge 14" Dual-Core i5 Laptop
$529.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Good work computer👍


not a great price for a refurb


it’s new


Why is everything 100% left or a new woot. WTF, Woot? How about letting us know the status of one of these cheesy offerings?


My goodness we have a grumpy group of folks here tonight.

Here’s a great story that should warm your heart about Stan Lee.

If ever you can get to a Comic Convention to hear Stan Lee speak, DO IT! It’s worth your time.


surprised usually all woot laptops are refurb still overpriced for an i5 duo core


This is not even an ivy bridge intel CPU! Maybe if they sell like $300 its a deal :stuck_out_tongue:


This thread needs a bit of cat cheer


how come on the front it says visit

and it just takes you right back to this item. I don’t get it


Can some sucker just buy this and we can move to the next bunch of crap?


It’s a joke, son.

All * URLs route to unless we set them otherwise.


TT’s rules are that you can’t ask someone else to buy something until you have bought one yourself.


Perhaps a bit of bacon would help make things better:


well bummer.
I thought it might take me to something cool. not back to the thinkpad.
you know, something useful. like flying monkey keychains.


Read it!



Go away laptop. Noone loves you.


Someone should buy this, So I can buy the next thing…


This lappy is GREAT please buy it…Pretty please?