Third Birthday


Happy Birthday shirt.woot!

Does it come with 3D glasses? =D

Happy Birthday, Shirt.Woot

Happy birthday, Shirt.Woot, and congratulations!

Ouch…looking at that gives me a headache.

Happy birthday…don’t eat too much cake!

Ah, shirt.woot isn’t as cheap as they seem–they are including the 3D glasses for free. :smiley:

In for one. :stuck_out_tongue:

3D! This shirt makes Avatar look like a student film.

These are coming with 3D glasses, yes?

oh goodness! I need some of those super 3d goggles!!!

Happy Birthday =)
In for 2 for Birthday’s sake.

This shirt is eye popping out of your head Mind Blowing.

Am I the first one that thought I was met with a quest that I was not high enough level for?

This shirt makes my eyes hurt.

Wear this shirt: together with the fancy custom Shirt.Woot 3-D glasses it comes with, free of extra charge!

It does! Awesome! :slight_smile:

In for one, but, is it really 3D…
It looks weird!

Happy birthday Shirt.Woot!

Had a bet on glow in the dark monkey…but 3-D (and banjo) nice bonus effect. Happy Birthday!

Oh Woot, don’t you jump on the 3D bandwagon too, but if you are going to do it just realize 3D can’t make up for shoddy write-up’s.