Thirst for Victory

Does the hood have enough room for my… head?

What sweet little dears… uh… I mean sweet little beers! Nice print, Rasabi! :slight_smile:

That’s quite a collection of faces…I think L. Lager might be my fave, followed closely by R. Ale and Porter.

Variety 12-pack for $7. Not bad.

Marzen is a lager. A lager is a beer fermented with a particular yeast. A top fermenting one at colder temperatures. There are many lagers; Marzen, pilsner, bock, etc. The artist should have pitted a Marzen against another type of lager or a type of ale like a Pale Ale or Porter.

Exactly. It’s kind of like saying someone from California will fight someone from Los Angeles.

I came here to be pedantic, but I see it’s already been taken care of.

The IBUs are correct to BJCP style (assuming the “Lager” is an American Lager)…so at least it has that going for it.

Thanks to Woot and all persons who drink things and wear things!

Yup. It’s an American Lager. I could have put the A in there, but then it would have been A. Lager which didn’t look right to me, thus the “stats” to help differentiate.

I pictured it more like the prodigal student battling his mentor.

True! I realize there are multiple lagers as there is also a Pilsner and L. Lager on there for 4 total. The two I focused on are perhaps the most similar of the bunch, but I tried to differentiate each character based especially on the color and vessel you’d classically encounter them in, and they were the most striking visually.

I was going to state the correction, but I guess there are more Wooting beer-brewers than I thought, or just some that are more knowledgeable on beer.

Lager or Ale…everything falls under one of those two…

ALL beers are indeed different subtypes of lagers or ales. It’s kind of like a genus-species relationship.

BUT while most beers are called by their sub-type name, certain beers in certain parts of the world are usually just called by their lager/ale parent name.

Stout or Porter Ales never are just called ales, always Stouts or Porters. But other beers are just called Ales and Lagers because they don’t really have a defined sub-group.

It’s kind of pedantic to insist a lager be labeled as some sort of subgroup when it is clearly just a generic lager.

You might just have said, “Relax. Don’t worry. Have a home brew!”

Lagers are bottom fermenting.

Who isn’t?