This Crap's For You

Good luck…

This Crap’s For You
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Thursday, Jan 22 to Friday, Jan 23) + transit
Condition: Really Crappy


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Sold out in 1 second I believe!

These seem to be lasting a little longer today!

Obviously it wasn’t.

Didn’t even get a chance before sold out.

AAAAH! The stuff in your cart sold out!
You didn’t check out in time! It’s gone! •Bag of Crap
You can either sit and grieve, continue shopping, or go back to your cart.

missed it by this much, argh!!!

Yep. While I was waiting for my order to process. Boo hiss.

Definitely not getting one this wootoff. Fast as humanly possible and I can never make it through check out. The item is already mostly gone by the time it goes live for me.

And tragically, this carp is NOT for me…

Woot keeps signing me out whenever I go to “proceed” to buy! Is there a timeout now on your login with the Woot Off?

It’s getting harder to buy these now. My hubby was able to get his yesterday pretty easily.

Snipers got theirs yesterday

At least I got it into my cart this time.

Wow, I was the first buyer even. Thanks WOOT!

Dang it. Got the “Uh oh” message when I tried to add to cart. Dang it!

Wow… I had one in my cart and they sold out within the time it took me to go to the complete order page. Couldn’t have been but a half second.


AND it makes me re-enter my password EVERY time. What, is there only one bag each time? smh…