This Drink's on Stanley!

I keep eying the Adventure Camp Cook Set to add to my camping stash - anyone have a review on that (or any of the other gear up for grabs)?

I picked up the Adventure Clip Grip mug last time they had it, not pleased. The clip fell off the handle almost instantly, followed the next day by the handle itself falling off. Maybe it was just a bad one?

Probably. Did you drop a note to to get all fixed up?

I have Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set. It’s a good size to cook a pack of ramen or a can of chili for a couple of people. It comes with two small insulated plastic tumblers inside. I use it with a hobo stove made from an Ikea ORDNING cutlery drainer.

REI didn’t have very good reviews on the flask. :frowning:

This makes me a sad panda because I really need one for my next camping trip!

Woot’s dad, Amazon, has the Stanley Adventure Multi Use Bottle for $9.88.

I am planning on making a 72-hour emergency kit. The cooking set should come in handy.

I bought the Camp Set, Travel Mug, and 8oz Flask last time and all three are pretty solid.

The camp set is obviously quite tall and narrow, which makes it very well suited for boiling water on ultralight stoves and more difficult for actual cooking–things want to burn on the bottom and its a bit tricky to stir or scrub the bottom (if anything gets really badly burned-on then I soak it with Easy Off oven cleaner–it works great). That said, my MSR Pocket Rocket stove actually fits inside the camp set (provided I remove one cup) which makes it a very effective minimal mess kit–and it makes up for the issues it has.

The flask is great; easy to fill, easy to clean with a small bottle brush.

The travel mug is also solid–it doesn’t drip down my shirt and it keeps my coffee hot, so I’m happy. I’ve used the clip to carry it hiking/camping a couple times and that’s a nice touch, but really doesn’t make much difference to me.

One really important piece of information is missing for backpackers: How much do the camping items weigh?

looks good to try for cooking on the engine.

awwww…based on the brief title description, i was really hoping this listing would involve some hockey-related drinkware. <;)

I bought the Stanley 18 oz Vacuum Food Jar, only to find the bottom was badly dented upon receipt.

I would very much like to return this, although since the product is sold out, I suppose that a replacement is out of the question.

Just to clarify what I’m referring to, the link is:

Per the Woot! instructions regarding returns, here’s my offical post to the community forums. :stuck_out_tongue: