This Here Is My Unicorn-Shootin' Gun

hmmm not my fav color >_>

hehe, nice, but the shirt color is somewhat…not so nice.

Uhhh. I don’t get it.

Link to get this shirt after today:
This here is my Unicorn-shootin’ gun

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…like, oh, say, this one:

Life on Mars might change a few things…

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lemon? really?

worst. color. ever.

I dunno…looks cool but I would never wear it seriously needs a better yellow color

WOOT! Come on… yellow? I suggest everything printed on black or white T’s.

ahhh… The test to see if anyone will continue to buy EVERY shirt at shirt.woot

its so 1982

It’s not yellow. It’s lemon. LEMON.

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3633 = This Here Is My Unicorn-Shootin’ Gun

Congratulations, woot, you’ve actually finally found a unicorn shirt that my wife doesn’t like. Thank you for saving me $10.

WTF ? Does it say “Please, oh please, physically assault me.” on the back?

Your suggestion sucks. It is the most dull suggestion I’ve ever heard.

looks a lot like creamy afterbirth.

I might have bought it if it wasn’t yellow, and if you could tell it was an unicorn.

Also, I dont trust guns made by Crayola.

cool concept i dont like the shirt color though

I guess you never grew up in a town where you got beaten for wearing yellow, or non-Levi’s denim.