This Ice Cream Looks Fishy

I like a penguin with unconventional coloring. Cute!

Whoah. That’s Tuxedo Sam. From Sanrio… Or at least, a reasonable facsimile.

These little guys remind me of Pekkle Duck from the original Sanrio characters! The fish pops they’re eating are adorable despite being so tiny. I think I’ll order one :slight_smile:

In for one! I hope all of the details come through on the printed one (like the lettering on the ice cream cart).

Before anyone objects to their teal color, allow me to assure you these fine (feathered?) friends are simply using enough sunscreen to protect themselves from those pesky UV rays!

Fish On A Stick! Hey, it’s healthier than Hotdog On A Stick! For one thing, at least you know a fish is a fish. A hotdog … yeah, here are its ingredients.

I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with Budi Satria Kwan’s work before this. Check out that portfolio, though. Some awesome work represented on there.

Congrats on the print!

Well you can’t argue with penguins. Mostly because they can’t speak any human languages.

frozen fish sticks, eh? i wonder if they taste like snowflakes…

Frozen Fish on a stick? I hope this doesn’t become a trend like all those yogurt shops have.

LOL that polar bear scaring the crap out of that girl was hilarious

I like how every penguin has its own unique touch. As we learned in that documentary, penguins strive for individuality, mostly through clothing and accessories.

Doesn’t California already have fish tacos?

ha! great colors + the penguins are darn cute, almost buyably so.

All I can think of is “So, this penguin takes his car to the mechanic”…

that ice-cream is an imposter…

I guess Woot is now going back to the horrible designs of the past three years. And here I thought the Brains and Bad News shirts were redemptions. Guess they were just one-offs.

I’m confused. The text on his cart says “ice kream” but right below that he’s advertising a gray six-slice pizza. What’s actually being sold here?

Awww they look like they are eating my favorite frozen popsicle: the Bomb Pop except now it’s shaped like a fish. Or maybe is a fish… I’m not quite sure.