This is a virus post

The moment you read this, you should do the best you can to explode.

Sorry, it’s the rules.


Rotten rodent!

//walks around zombie like

So…go into dad’s business?

Not yet, the credit crunch came into effect,

that said, i am still a real sarcastic nutball that likes havarti cheese.

I like havarti, too. I’m not a sarcastic nutball. How’s Spirit? Blown anything up lately?

Spirit’s got a new pal beaker - he’s a catahoula hog dog.

And yes, i’ve blown things up - and made a critter cannon to help scare away predators.

It uses a three bulb arm, an electrical system, and estes rocket engines.

Good for scaring off raccoons and such.

Had to look the dog up. Have to tell you, that is not the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen. Will your critter cannon scare away deer, and, if so, can I borrow it?

You should catch them and spay/neuter them.

Yeah, I’ll do that. There’d be venison for dinner first.

I almost exploded after my big lunch today, but I didn’t quite make it. Sorry.

I’ve just exploded something on the backside.

Beaker has pretty eyes and is a rescue.

The critter cannon would make a deer crap itself if you used “E” engines. I can write up how to make one later if you wish. It creates a loud hissing sound, and an expanding cloudof smoke and sparks rather quickly.

Dreamaster! Hi!
How old? Friendly? Wanna run in the snow with Rusty?

I figure he’s in his early 40s, sometimes friendly. If you offer him Cheetos, he might run in the snow.

beaker is about a year/year and a half, and is definitly a summer dog - Spirit on the other hand is definitely a winter dog.

Altho, I would love cheetos…

That is about the same age. I’m looking for some friendly guys to run him until he get tired!

Anytime, C’mon over, we’ll do cheeto’s and jaeger bombs…

All these beautiful dogs, I’m so jealous!

I’ll bet lots of people ask if they can hug Spirit.