This is driving me nuts, please help

WHAT is the name of the film studio that has the picture of the green and silver train that shows up before a movie starts? I know this sounds garbled and ridiculous, but I have a bet going with a coworker that this company actually exists.

I thought immmediately of Lucasfilm (because of the green), but after digging a bit, I realized that that’s not right.

If anyone knows the name of this company, please let me know.

Heck, the only thing I can think of is the Warner Brothers bits from the Matrix movies. I can’t recall a train anywhere though.

It’s not this is it? I know it’s not green, but just in case…

No idea. The only one I know of is Walt Disney sometimes has the train and then it zooms out to a full view of the world of Disney. Other than that… I was also thinking of Jerry Bruckheimer, but that’s not it. Sorry!

I think I know what you mean, but can’t recall it.
I think it’s from one of the smaller studios that produce movies the parent studio didn’t want to chance it.

Like Touchstone/Disney or somebody.

I think you are closest, maybe not a studio, but a production… many directors have their own production labels and those are before the movie as well as the studio thing. Often times it’s an homage to the director’s first film.

Hey thanks for trying to help out, guys!

That sounds like it might be right.

Can anyone recall a movie that they saw it before? I wanna say it was like a fantasy/action movie.

Movies like City of Ember and Eragon (even Tim Burton’s old Batman movies for some reason?) keep cropping up in my head, but I don’t know why.

There’s also some sort of Steampunkish thing I’m clinging to, probably because the train I’m picturing looks like this… except it’s green:

It’s not Project Greenlight, is it? Something that is owned or managed by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon?

Just googled that; hope it’s not!