This is My Time Machine

I’d say it was more of a teleportation device, unless you count the song that makes it turn into night time.

I do like the design.

I feel even more lost than usual. Would someone please explain?

Heeeeyyy Ocarina!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time pinballs off Dr. Who.

To me, it looks more like a kicky cross between a shark and a space ship…

You’re welcome.

Oh… for some reason I was thinking it was a bowling ball for aliens.

I figured it was from Majora’s Mask, where you constantly are rewinding time.

Thanks. Now I just feel old, but I’m going to try to avoid the cure for that, at least for a while.

Here’s an image to help add a bit of context.

…and to heck with sleeping tonight.

Here I was interpreting the ocarina as a time machine because when I play LoZ:anything I end up losing track of time and bam! before I know it hours and hours have disappeared. That’s my time machine.

After Zelda taught link the song of time she always got upset at him when he was late…

I’d take this over a rickety police box any day of the week!

But probably not over a car with wings for doors. Just being honest.

But it was the sword in OOT that rewound time. :confused:

In Majora’s Mask you used the Song of Time played on the Ocarina of Time to return to the dawn of the first day. Essentially going back in time.

I never caught that before! Wow, respect for that game (series) just exploded.

I was totally with you, until I remembered how the game ended, and how Link returned to his childhood.

No, wait. Even then, it ends with him walking away from the Master Sword.

Ocarina of TIME?! Bah.

This all ways got stuck in my head, I’d just like to share now.

It’s a musical instrument called a “sweet potato”