This is not what I ordered, but I'll take it.

53 quality posts??? who do i gotta…


Sorry, I don’t take bribes.

mere gatzby

But he does take Brobees. Don’t ask what he does to them though.

Looks like son’s cat.
Who has found a spot just big enough for him to fit in daughters closet.
So, we are leaving windows open and fans on and even the ac so the cat will be comfortable. He is hiding inside a closet, behind a blanket, in a wooden box.

53 is nothing.

Have you seen NightGhost’s Q****P number? 238 and counting. I think he must be averaging four of five a day – often two per Woot-storefront, almost always at least one-per. He’s apparently “got the annointing” – I don’t know if he can post anything that does NOT get the Woot Stamp of Approval.

I can’t quite wrap my mind around whatever it is that’s going on there… (I just hope it’s not a case of someone doing a “Truman Show” number on some random member’s head “for fun.”)

They would never do that…

Just kidding, the would do that.

It looks like you got my order!! That adorable kitty went to you and your real package was lost in the mail…

i just wish there was a way to know which one of my thousand posts was the one that triggered “now that is a quality post”.

edit: correction, 747 posts.

looks pretty close to my cat
uber cute in the box too

when my cat does that, she’s giving me “loving eyes” for pictures (though she poses too)

weird animals
but cute pic!