This Is so funny


I should be a software test engineer or something because this will probably stress test the codeslaves!

Why do I have SOoOoo many views on this thread?? Huh?!?

Don’t get it? I’ll tell ya later!

Edit: Sorry I’m being so irritating- This was just a proof of concept.

Edit: Wow, 400+ Views in less than than 14 minutes at 9:00am… ok, I’ll stop it.


What in the Sam Hill are you talking about?


I’m talking about the view counter on my forum thread- 400+ views already from 9:03am to 9:16 am.


I don’t SEE a view counter. Do you?

Edit: I know there is one on the main page, but I am still not following your initial posting.


Go back one forum topic <<<


See my “edit” above." We must have been typing at the same time.


Just ignore the thread all together- It will save us the confusion…


LOL… because I still don’t understand why you should be a software engineer and stressing the codeslaves.


Could it possibly be that you hit refresh 400 times?

enlighten us with your hacker prowess.



It’s a figure of speech- One of a software test engineer tasks are to find the faults in the program and exploits them until it breaks or crashes. I’m just trying to be irritating to the web developers/programs and I am testing their tolerance.

“Codeslaves”- a term some of the administrators of woot uses to describe the programmers/web developers.


Lol, I’m not a hacker!


Does life-hacker count?


What does Life Hacker mean.

I’m actually from the days before the current meaning of hacker, when it did not mean you were trying to bypass passwords or break into stuff or hack software. It used to mean guys like us who stayed up till 5 in the morning cause that’s the best time to get processor time on the big iron, or wrote alarm clock software for a TRS-80 (which had no built in clock, you had to count for-next loops and calculate how many loops was a second) when we could have just bought an alarm clock.


Lol, BASIC programming, something that Microsoft made their own! I used to make music with it or play a really high pitched note that irritated other fellow students but the teacher couldn’t hear it or find the source because he was too old.