this is test topic

this is test topic

Season 1 Lol GIF by NBC

[Vmod edit: removed sketchy link]

And are we the Testees?

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The fact the user has the name “hacker” int he user name should not concern woot at all, right?
Of course. a hacker, wouldn’t call themselves hacker… right?
and the link is to evil dot com… should we be concerned?

I’m not sure if I should delete their link to evil dot com or not. I’m not clicking on it.

It does not look good. I googled it, and results are mixed, anything from weirdness to a bank hack.

I didn’t even notice the link.

Not clicking on it.

Or am I/we already screwed?

T e S t tO p i C

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Oh look it’s gone. Magic.

I don’t remember html, but I think they were trying to set it up so you were automatically redirected when you scrolled over it. I think. That’s been a long time ago.

Hi Doug!

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Next username for this bot…

This is a test comment.

not if you run linux :smiley:

Dad? Is that you?

“Test comment” Did I pass the test?

This is a Test Tickle

Doug is a state of mind


I was told the final exam would be open book!

Test Fail GIF by P!NK

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Stressed College Life GIF



Like a rash? Oh wait that’s a Steve.