THIS is where presents come from

A cool shirt from a really cool wooter

That explains why I always get crap for Christmas.

Bestest shirt EVAH!

Just in time for the holidays, a derby winner that makes me think shirtwoot! still has that inner sparkle ; )

So that’s why Xmas trees need rotating stands…

Not being Christian, this explains A LOT!!!

I wonder if this would be appropriate to wear to work? Maybe the day of the department white elephant gift exchange?

Yay! Anything that reveals the horrifying true origins of something I love (rainbows, marshmallows, presents) is a winner for me.

You’d cry and wince too if you pooped square and rectangular boxes.

I so need this as an ‘ugly sweater’ or on a sweatshirt/hoodie/long sleeve T-shirt!

Classy !

I have to say, just a bit disquieting. I get the joke, but… Yay, probably best as an ugly sweater.

Christmas dropped early this year. I guess it figures since this is my derby win #2.

Thanks to a SUPER supportive woot community for the votes!! Lots of funny comments so far. Let’s keep it going…

That must be the other giving tree.

I told you I got crap for Christmas. Believe me now?

I wonder what it wipes with?

Wrapping paper?

This isn’t funny…it’s just coarse and tasteless.

First sucker! Thanks stryper!!