This Thing Called Crap

Server is so terrible right now.


SCORED MY SECOND BAG!!! Can someone please send me a message so I can put it in my signature? THanks!

You see that color in TN? Ya thats me …thats mine!!!

Geez. No way I coulda been faster.

Argh, my second almost-get of the day.


I was so right there! not

Oh man. It looks like my whole day is going to be spent trying to cop a bag of crap.

Though shalnt cheat the wootoff? I didn’t cheat the wootoff, the wootoff cheated me! Lol

as per usual… made it all the way to checkout and got the “you missed it” teaser >:-(

I am old and slow.

Got to the page, added it to my cart, tried to check out, and got a message about cheating the Woot off!

What happened???

I got all the way to Place Your Order and then the Woot Mob showed up! Soooooo close!

Nice work, you snagged the last one. Congrats!

Sorry. Next one is yours fo’ sure.

I guess I’m cheating now? LOL…

Nailed it!

Hey, at least you made it home