This Was a Triumph

Well… that’s the fastest I’ve bought a woot shirt before…

The cake is not a lie. Nope - it was delicious.

Ditto. In fact … I might buy two.

I don’t understand this shirt. what are the three logos / eyes, whatever they are on the objects in the picture?

Holy cow, now this was a skyrocketing shirt!!! First place with a late sub. TJost is a robot shirt master :D. Congrats dude!

Also now I want cake. BLAST.


Wow, yeah this must have shot into first. LOL. Everybody loves cake made with robot love.

Predicting a sell out, and a new #1, so that means TJost would have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place on the Reckoning. @_@ Baaaamf!

Me either.

$20 well spent… Well, no, I had a $20 off code BUT I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT NO MATTER WHAT!!!

It feels like we’ve come full circle with the “Portal and Cake” shirts here on woot.

The old “The Cake is a Liar” shirt was on the uncommon shirt color of orange, and the game reference was odd enough that some people had to have the reference explained to them.

Now, here we are, a few years later, and everyone has heard of Portal and will get the reference, and the shirt color is on the more common color of slate.

Seems like the “Circle of Life” should be playing…

Cold, efficient, successful…but is it tasty?

Can I put that bowl and mixer on my wedding gift registry??

in for 1 before it sells out. Awesome shirt

Had I not known what Portal was, I would have guessed the mixer was HAL 9000.

Huge Portal fan, but I have to pass. I have this thing where I can’t wear shirts about video games.

Although, I can tell my sell won’t matter. This artist is going to make a ton of money off this shirt regardless.

Happened to be playing portal at the time I was buying this shirt. Multitasking ftw.

At least there are no frankenturrets. Those things creep me out.

So that’s why you had to keep such careful track of the companion cube! Its contents were much too precious to be carelessly discarded or forgotten.