This Week on Woot

We all need more Mandy in our lives. I mean, she even has a theme song. Not a good one, of course, but that just makes it all the more fitting.

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BeeHex did one.

How is ‘tiny’ being defined in this context anyways?

Does this start at midnight Texas time?


1am Eastern
12am Central
11pm Mountain
10pm Pacific

… Anything beyond that, you’re on your own. :smiley:

Thanks! Arizona, so I’m complicated haha

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Dare I point out the obvious flaw?

I do, but I won’t.

Unrelated question.


What time zone does Anvilania use?

I’m not sure.

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HH later today?

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Not today. Next year for sure! :laughing:


Now what am I supposed to do tonight?

Be productive?!?

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Buy ALL the things from the woot-off!


Aside from that. I try not to point out the obvious.


Questions on Shirt.Woot Woot-Off Shirts.

  • Are these shirts only available during the Woot-Off?
  • Were these shirts previously available or just editors choices?
  • Will they ever be available in the full catalog?
  • Are you trying to empty out my wallet?
  • Do I really need more shirts?

I’m disqualified from answering this question, but 35% off today with the coupon …

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Yeah, I’m not taking shirt buying advice from you…


That coupon though…

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There’s only so much junk I’d willingly ship to you though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just bought a shirt with the coupon.

I don’t know why I couldn’t math earlier but <$10 shirts are a throwback Thursday item for me!