This Won't be the Last Crap of 2016

This Won’t be the Last Crap of 2016
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Jan 29 to Wednesday, Feb 03) + transit
Condition: Just as crappy


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I’m in!!


Hurry! LOL.

Adding a few extra dashes of Essence of Toilet worked this time. Bringer of Chaos GET

EDIT: Just noticed the estimated delivery date. Crap for Valentine’s Day


I love you woot. Again and again. :slight_smile:

do they have a million on sale? This is taking forever to sell out


After years I’ve finally gotten a Bag of Crap. SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW.

Probably won’t be as excited when it comes but still.

Not sold out yet…

Got it.

Got it! Another Barrel of Carbuncles comin’ my way…

Finally! First crap ever. Thanks Woot!

Damnit got another one. I just can’t stop buying these!

I bought it, I had it, then something crashed as I logged in! Now what?

Yessssssss, snagged one! I can’t wait to see and post what I get! So excited

wow… server got super laggy… you win this time woot…

stupid captcha…

you win this time. Next time I’ll be ready.

Just got home from dinner, sat down and hit F5 and there it was! Says I got one but no confirmation email yet and I can’t get to my “Stuff you Bought” page to see if it’s there. Hopefully not a server malfunction followed by a bunch of cancellations!

Damn…server took a hell of a beating right there. All sorts of lag…but hey, it’s all for crap.

Good crapping to those who won…