Thomas Kinkade Art Prints

What are the size of these prints? I do not see this on the specs.

I remember living in Carmel when his shop was suddenly empty overnight in the barnyard shopping center. Nice … skip out in the middle of the night.

Yeah, pretty bad painter. Even worse of a person.
Not going to be supporting that.

I used to work for a custom framing shop. The number of bright-eyed customers who came in, clutching their ‘original’ Kinkade glicee prints… sigh

Thomas Kinkade is the most insipid pseudo-artist this country has ever produced. I don’t even want to know anyone who likes his products.

19 years ago an enormous Thomas Kinkade motorhome came to a local mall and set up an exhibit. After a brief wait behind velvet ropes we were allowed in. Paintings lined the walls and their lady rep cooed about how the paintings would appear to glow even as she turned the illumination down. I laughed; the room simply got dim while the assembled proles oohed and aahed. I asked to be excused. These works of “art” aren’t fit far a Woot Bag of Crap. (bag of stool)

Positively amazing how many people bought this stuff thinking it was investment art.

The only people who will ever make anything off if it are the lawyers of Kinkade’s heirs.

I saw a story on 60 Minutes about him years ago (before he died, obviously), and he came across as someone who was just in it for the money and he didn’t seem to care about the people losing their shirts by investing in his mass produced prints. As I remember it, he was positively gleeful as he scrawled his signature on print after print.

I had thought his work was pretty before that, but once I got a glimpse at the man who created it, it lost all appeal.

These have a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’.
Does that mean they’ll be worth millions someday???
Years ago, I went into a shopping-mall store selling these. The clerk kept turning the lights up & down showing how spiffy the paintings are.
People were loving it! I left.
My paint-by-number paintings are almost as good…

Whole lot of pretentious butthurt in here. $70 for a piece of “artwork”/reprint/lithograph whatever is pretty cheap. Walk into a ZGallerie, Living Spaces, Target, or other home goods store and you’re spending $50 to $500 for the same size and type of piece. Hell, Woot posts ripoff Banksy crap, which doesn’t even have licensing fees, and it costs as much if not more. You don’t get these for investment purposes, you get them for your wall.

Norman Rockwell, Andy Warhol, Red Skelton(hilariously enough), etc all made kitschy pop art and made millions off it. They’re respected in their own way. No one ever compared them to Renoir, people bitched about how it “wasn’t art”, but people still bought their stuff and stuck it on their walls. That’s all that matters. Grow up people.

Best place to buy a cool art print is Hero Complex Gallery. Whole range of prices, but average unframed print is $40-$50. If you’re a gamer, or into sci fi, fantasy, horror, and the just plain different, you should check out their online site. Not a Kinkade to be found.

Woah, hold up cowboy. Your first paragraph was on target. You went off the rails when you brought up Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol. Take an art history course at your local college. Anyone with an actual education in art knows that both of these artists were in fact innovators, and are now iconic and highly respected. They should never be mentioned in any discussion of the truly repulsive Thomas Kinkade.

You’re absolutely right. Forgive us for having opinions on the matter and expressing them on a forum meant for discussion. I just don’t know what we were thinking.

Hey all. How ya doing? How are things going?

Just wanted to stop by and say howdy.

Feel free to, you know, talk about the love and hate for anything we sell. Just remember to not make it personal. Not that you did but, you know, don’t. If you were thinking about it. Well, don’t.


I would never dream of doing such a thing, TT.

So I ordered one of these prints and two showed up about a week apart.

Uh. Whoops. That’s not good…for us.

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