Thomas Sodor Engine Wash Down



More interested in the boob pasta…


This will be the first Thomas item Woot has offered which I will pass up. Not well-reviewed on Amazon–principal complaint seems to be that a high % of engines won’t fit through the train wash, frustrating children who had expected no problem.

But I’ll likely be ready to pounce on any additional Thomsas items Woot offers!


20.63 on with so-so reviews. apparently large cars don’t fit through easily.


Let me add to my comment above…Woot’s price is good and some parents may want this item to add to the visual impact of the family Thomas setup.


Would be all for this, but SO MANY Amazon reviewers say it’s a gigantic piece of junk that doesn’t fit most of the trains you can buy. So, AVOID!


I have an older version of this wash and the trains all fit the rollers. The trains have to touch the rollers then you crank it and the are pulled through. You cant push the train through. This isnt a tunnel, its a wash which requires patience and order.
When you get an automated car wash, do you drive through or do you pull up and the track pulls you through whil the car is in neutral?

This train wash represents that. The rollers are made of a type of foam that grabs the trains and compresses to allow passage.

The reviews that find issue with that should stick to motorized trains as Thomas is all about being hands on.
Plus these prices are good compared to what they normally go for.


It don’t fit every train?

Well, there’s a life lesson to be learn from it.

Not everything fits. So go’s life.

Your welcome.


Pardon my ignorance, but does it actually wash/clean the engines, or is it just pretend wash? Might be handy for cleaning the toddler slobber off the trains. :slight_smile:


Pretend. It’s just 2 foam rollers that move when you turn a crank.


Send your kids outside to play.


Surely you don’t mean play near the tracks or down by the railyard !!


So, no boob pasta, then?