Thor: Call of the Hammer

Nice hand on THAT SHIRT

A beautiful job on this, sebasebi. It looks great! :slight_smile:

Shocking image


This shirt, I like it. ANOTHER!

Amazing mark, so cool.

If that’s lightning, why isn’t it a glow in the dark shirt?

Isn’t a hammer the solution to every problem?

Can’t touch this! Hammer Time!

They should sell the Hammer pants with the shirt; that would be nirvana.

I had to open the enlargement, the path of the lightning bolt makes this look like TG Thor.

Odin’s Beard!

I was interested in the tank top. I see a pic of the tank top but not how to purchase.

Prints on special items (tank tops, hoodies etc) are only available on the first day of the sale. Sorry!

I got this shirt for my brother for Christmas. He’s a huge Thor fan and loves it…is there any way to get this design as a print suitable for framing? Thanks!