Thorax Dentata

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Wow… that’s a great shirt to wear to the dentist’s office. :slight_smile:

Jonathan, grats on the print but I’m so confused as to why the toothy grin on a heather shirt??

Reminds me of the movie Teeth >:}

Reminds me, I have to go to the dentist soon… My teeth look slightly better than these ones, but not much. At least these are white!

Interesting shirt. Not my style though.

Needs more vagina…

There’s an old saying “The Brits won the war, but lost their teeth.” I dare someone to give this to a Brit.

is this shirt british?

I heard about that on the Stern show…is that where the girl has teeth “down there”?

btw, I’ll pass.

Bite Me!

Thinking about buying one

Dentata… you know its latin for teeeeth!!!

hah to the teeth movie quotes


Yes on the hilarious British bashing. No on the shirt.


I feel like this is a shirt I could rock at a concert with multiple bands…

Thorax dentata?

Man, that’s harsh!


give me something better for me to mindlessly spend 10 dollars on

Very creepy, in the best sense of the word. Very cool design, but still think I probably can pass on this. I love it, but am not in love with it. (Certainly wouldn’t mind it as a random shirt though.)

And yes, I will state for the record, I did bite the dentist as a child. He retired not long afterwards.

It’s whats inside meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee