Those Glorious Italian Nights

The Fitz & Floyd Linus 5 pc Whiskey Set is $39.99 at Costco online right now.

Does the Parm come shrink wrapped? or vacusealed?

Hi, this is Kenny and I represent the manufacturer of the Wyland Water Gallery reusable bottles. Look through the water and Wyland’s amazing art comes to life. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks!

Wyland water art is awesome! I can’t believe Woot has this! I’m totally buying one right now. Wyland is huge all over the world!!!

Question for Water Gallery. Are these bottles made in the USA? Also, is this real Wyland art?

Hi Techrad7. Thanks for the comment and question. Our bottles are high quality Italian made Rocco Bormioli, considered the best swing top bottles in the world. We hand-decorate each bottle in California. Water Gallery is an official Wyland licensee and our current bottles feature his iconic Marine Sanctuary and Sunset Soul Mate art pieces. So yes, it is real Wyland art!

From the vendor:

“We vacuum seal this cheese, then pack it with freeze packs to keep it cold inside a sealed insulated container. Based on National Weather Service forecasts, we include what we deem to be a sufficient quantity of freeze packs to maintain temperature. If necessary, we also include a position a piece of dry ice behind the freeze packs to keep them frozen longer.”

This parm comes from igourmet, yes?

Yes, iGourmet.

The Pilsner glasses are $19.99 on the mothership.

That Parm is very tempting, but that is just too much cheese for me! I’m sure I could find plenty of ways to use it faster. I wouldn’t be worried about storing it since I could cut it down to smaller pieces and vacuum seal it. I actually have a regular foodsaver (for longer term or 1 use storage) and another vacuum sealer that uses reusable bags (which I can open, use part of, then re-vacuum).

So the bowls are “Made Of Alternative Metal”

Was the band Korn smelted into a bowl or is that code for ‘mysterious metal likely tainted with lead’ ??