Those Three Words

Congrats Oakenspirit! This is a great design!

Oh now I get it. Had to look at it from a certain distance, I guess. Good take on the movie. Love the book.

Great design, Oakenspirit. Speaks to the heart of the story.


Move forward to 1:15 to see the part the shirt design is based on.

I need to finally watch this movie.

He fell hard for her that’s for sure.

It was at that time Darth Vader realized Boba Fett was the man he loved


Good job Oak!

The absolute best move of all time!

I wholeheartedly endorse this opinion.
The same can be said of the book. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to you, Oakenspiiiiiirit!!

I don’t know why, but when I first saw this, I thought it read, “IF you wish”. I was shocked they got it so wrong. On closer inspection I realized it is AS, but didn’t pass the glance test for me.

Agree 100%. Too bad.

Kinda glad I’m not the only one that thought that.

I did the same as well.

Clever design - well done!

Yea, when I first looked at it, I saw “If you wish.” Then when I looked again I thought it looked like “Is you wish.” I just don’t see it as “as.” Plus, Buttercup isn’t very pleasant looking. Otherwise, I might have bought it cause it’s one of my favorite movies and books.

Yay! Thanks for the votes and support guys, and thanks for printing my design woot-

On the As-If, sorry it’s not as clear as some of you would prefer- Being the artist, it is sometimes hard to not see things as you intended them. Maybe I can make an updated version of it in the future. :frowning:

I love this design! I wish it was offered on AA, I can’t stand to buy it on those awful anvil shirts :frowning: