Those Three Words

Hurray! I twuly wuv this!

I immediately saw “AS you wish” AS intended. Now I’m going to go make a MLT sandwich with some mutton that’s nice and lean.

I’ll add myself to the list of those who saw it as “If” – and I’ll add that it still looks like “If”: Buttercup just doesn’t represent an “A” to my eyes.

It’s perfect. Don’t change a thing.

I ADORE this design! It caught my attention immediately… but I wish it were printed on American Apparel. I’d pay more for the extra softness and/or fitted style.

My thoughts exactly.

Yesterday’s shirt: What? No Princess Bride?? No sale!
Today’s shirt: Princess Bride, but weird lettering? No sale!

There’s just no pleasing some people.

i think the design is wonderful–kudos!

Finally! Something to wear while storming the castle!

Congrats Oakenspirit! Amazing all the way!

Congrats, Oaken! I like how the design pulls you in… and then shoves you off a cliff face!

I would totally be buying this if it weren’t printed on the horrible Anvil shirts. Let me know when Woot stops using those pieces of junk.

Same here. Although I have pink eye in both eyes and it has made my vision a bit blurry, so that could be part of it, too. Hehe

Nicely done, oakie! Really sweet design and worthy of the win.

I don’t know what they’re taking about. Anyone who doesn’t see “As” right away hasn’t seen the movie at least one too many times and should watch it again tonight. JMO

Congraaats… on… firrrrrssst!

Yeah Oakenspirit!:slight_smile:

but but but - it’s GREEN!!!

This is one of those times when I so wish I could wear this shade of green!!


WTG, Oakie! I knew this was taking first.

So clever! Congrats!

You are not alone