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if you were looking at the 65 like i was a simple google search saved me 100 bucks… directly from Sony.

How is it that the 70" TV is only 61.7" wide and has a viewable area of 69.5"? Is this “Viewing outside the box”? Hahaha

Viewing area (of TVs, computer monitors, whatever) is based on the diagonal measurement. If you’ll cast your mind back to the Pythagorean Theorem, the square of the hypotenuse (the diagonal, in this case) is the sum of the squares of the other two sides.

Width: 61.7"; squared, 3806.89
Height: 37.77"; squared, 1426.57
Sum: 5233.46; square root: 72.34

So the TV is 72.34 inches corner-to-corner. I don’t know how wide the bezel is, but a viewing area of 69.5" is completely reasonable. (And yes, it’s slightly less than 70 inches, but it’s well within what the manufacturers call the “70-inch class”.)

I’m sure you mean Vizio

I own the 70". It’s the centerpiece to any social gathering at my place. Can’t say enough about it. Great picture, great color. I’m not super TV savvy, so maybe somebody a little more hardcore than me might feel differently. But for someone who just wants a solid picture while gaming or watching movies–this is probably a great option for you.

Brendan already mentioned one part… but the 2nd is you linked to a B2… while the one on woot is the A2. :slight_smile:

Are these from the same supplier as the ones sold on the week of the 12th of January? I don’t want my folks going through the same shipping headache that happened last time.

I don’t have access to that information. Do you want to private message me with more info?

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Be sure to drop the words “vizio 70 inch recall” into Google before clicking buy. I would strongly suggest getting an extended warranty based on the previous 70" models. (and personal experience)