Thoughts of Love

Ok, let’s be honest. Is this about romance or an upcoming football game? Not to say that love can’t happen over the 4th down.

Here’s the Amazon page for the Samsung wireless blu-ray player:
Reviewers are pretty disappointed, especially with wireless/streaming.

is the organic popcorn non-gmo too?

I would be just a little careful of those off brand refurb Hisense . We got one a bit ago and it came missing the remote. Woot support said remotes were unavailable and kindly issued us a small refund so we went to the Hisense web site and ordered a remote ( for $10.00 more than the refund issued to us) and when the remote arrived, it did not work on the TV. My husband suspects that there is a problem with the wireless remote receiver on the TV.

Came to see if the Chocolate-Opoly game was made of chocolate. Woot teased with “Dark, milk, bittersweet, semi-sweet”.

Left disappointed.

mmmkay, but i gotta ask where’s the plasma luv at?

Here’s the link for the Vizio Internet Apps, if anyone is interested in checking out what’s avail…

…not many. It’s not like Google Play.

I’m pretty sure I can have a very happy Valentine’s Day all by myself with one of those big screens and a case of pinot grigio from the wine! page.

What, no fuzzy pink handcuffs?


we wooters operate in a machine washable world…

Which one of the tv’s will have the best picture without an hd signal ?

What makes the ‘Xtreme HDTV Deluxe Cleaning Kit’ extreme?

it arrives on a snowboard.

Oh, ferkriminysake! From the top:
TvTvTvTvTvTvTvTv… so love is 16:9 over and over again? That sounds… feelthy.

Are we still on about Blueray? The regional big box stores stock half their Blueray disks in the clearance section for $5. It’s clearly the wave of the future. And the ladies, they love it when I show them my dead-end technology.

And don’t get me started about ECTSXTREEEEeeEEEM!!!1!!! HIGH SPEED HDMI… that transmits data at the same speed and clarity as every other digital video cable. Sigh. Years ago, was there someone hawking “Extreme High Speed 78rpm” players that “p*ss phonographic excellence”?? (*With apologies to Bruce Schnier.)

Throwing barley? No thanks.

And then we get to the comestibles. Ok, fine, men do often mistake chocolate and popcorn as foreplay. But mild curry? MILD CURRY? Hell, she shacked up with me because SHE LOVES THE FLAVORZ!!!1!1!!! She says: No. Way.

It’d be appreciated if in the future that posts like this one included popcorners for those that can’t eat popcorn.

Nice hair you have there.

Any thoughts on the 47" non-app LG TV? Looking for a new one to replace my 42" Toshiba Regza that is looking very, very dated.

Supplement with replenish-able, fresh chocolate pieces of your own choosing.

The shot glass version doesn’t come with spirits either.

My family got me one of those popcorn machines for Christmas. It’s an air popper and because of the shape and slope of the top part, literally 1/3 of the kernels FLEW out into the bowl while it was popping. COMPLETE waste of good popcorn kernels.