Thread 1,200


This is the 1,200th thread on EBW. I just thought I’d steal that honor for myself :tongue:


I guess


Where is the number of the thread listed?


You made that up! Didn’t you?


nope! I was on the Member Forums page, and it said that EBW had 1,199 threads, so then I made this and there were 1,200! I’m awesome!


You need a life.


You’re just jealous :tongue: edit: and less-observant //ducks


Ok, but I’m not sure what this has to do with the topic at hand. Here you go…


I collect rubber ducks. I love them as much as my “adult collector” things. Every bathtub had at least 8 in there.


haha… i had one when i was little… i was always a little disappointed that it didn’t squeak like Ernie’s


Hmmmm . . . “adult collector” things . . . hmmmmm . . . . :wink:


He actually has one at times. Unless he is in jail for long stretches. Loooooooooooong stretches.
Because jail and the hospital are the only two places with no internet.


so then you need to watch your back around me :wink:


Why not have a adult collector rubber duck? It even comes in travel size!


What I was referring to was art, china, glassware and stuff like that. I guess antique wind up toys could be considered either but no one gets to play with his toys.


Reminds me of that Boston Legal where the guy is getting a divorce and has a steam powered “massager”


Didn’t see that one. Did Shatner end up playing with it?




Well, he would have in real life. lol