Three Flavors

AWESOME, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz at World end!

Cornetto Trilogy

Awesome design Matt! Love it

Woop, there it is. Big geek points for getting this reference.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Beautfiul Spirit!

Why is this not on AA… I would’ve bought at least 3… ARGH!

Good game woot, I actually laughed out loud.


Simon says “Buy this shirt”.

Tasty tasty dessert (and movie) trio

Did not even think twice before hitting the buy button. Saw World’s End last Saturday - if your a fan - go see it.

Saw the triple-feature for them on Thursday night… too bad I didn’t have this for the show, but buying it up now!

Me too! One for me and one for the friend I saw it with!

I’d buy this shirt if it weren’t on an Anvil blank.

This is so good I’m almost tempted to buy it on Anvil

Hard to choose a favourite flavour. The bonus is they’re all together on the same shirt. Great art and very cool concept once again, Matt. I was well and truly asleep when this one appeared.

Cheers Pixel Pants, and everyone who bought one!

This shirt is close to my heart. :^)